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Fischbach – Global leader in sealant and adhesive packaging.

New ideas, new challenges, new solutions

Fischbach invented the plastic caulking tube and continues to be driven by a passion for innovation and continuous improvement. Fischbach combines its commitment to quality with customer driven value-added services, targeted technical support, and comprehensive supply chain management initiatives. Our mission is to provide the highest quality cartridges and filling equipment in the industry and to be a partner that is amazingly easy to do business with.

Develop, design, and produce Perfection in all details

Through decades of exchanging ideas with sealant producers, and as a result of our filling equipment expertise – Fischbach has developed plastic cartridge systems whose components are perfectly matched to customer requirements.

Talk to us about how we can provide the cartridge system or filling equipment to meet your specialized needs.

Fischbach KG Engelskirchen
Büchlerhausen 18, 51766 Engelskirchen, Deutschland


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Fischbach international

The Fischbach Group, operating globally, guarantees maximum supply capability and the highest quality cartridges systems on the market.

The optimisation of our customer’s performance is the driving force behind all Fischbach´s international activities.
Production of all cartridges incl. plungers and accessories, cartridge filling machines und special machines.


Our aim is to serve perfect customer service and give you full satisfaction.

With its development as a full-service supplier, Fischbach has set decisive benchmarks in the market.

“Fischbach is Quality” applies to our approach to customer service, production and consulting services.

Take advantage of our experience in the areas of product development, engineering, tools manufacture and automation techniques, as well as installation, packaging and logistics.


Exceptional products demand an exceptional quality system.

Quality assurance is an integral part of our daily operations. In addition to our DIN ISO 9001:2015 certification, we employ data-driven multidisciplinary teams to optimize our products.

Our quality systems and our proprietary technology allow us to achieve the tightest dimensional specifications, the highest water vapour barriers and the greatest tolerance to stress cracking in the industry.

Our global supplier network ensures consistent quality and reliable supply anywhere in the world. It is our No. 1 core value to be the highest quality cartridge supplier in the world.

System solutions
in filling and packaging technology

For decades, Fischbach has been setting standards for filling and packaging equipment for cartridges.

Along with our strong technical reputation, we are also known for our commitment to customer service and support.

This commitment includes pre-start up support, commissioning support and long term phone and in-person technical support.

Replacement parts service

In order to ensure high availability of machines and equipment, Fischbach keeps all critical machine components in stock. Original Fischbach replacement parts are shipped within 24 hours.

Overview of services

  • installation and commissioning of new machines and complete systems

  • repair

  • maintenance

  • maintenance contracts

  • equipment analysts and optimisation

  • tele-service

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